Who Are We?

CSIonline Academy is owned and operated by Christian Schools International, the first educational organization to serve Christian schools specifically. Founded in 1920, we have more than nine decades of Christian school experience through North America and the world.

Our view of the world is firmly rooted in the Reformed tradition of Christian theology. This world-engaging ethos permeates our philosophy, shaping everything we do as Christians and as educators.

Christian Schools International is committed to Christian education and provides the support, products, and expertise that thousands of Christian school teachers and administrators around the world rely on daily. Christian Schools International gets Christian education, and we want to help you and your community get it, too. The CSIonline Academy is one way we support Christian schools.



Our online school partner is accreddited by NCA. The courses are approved by NCAA for athletes and UC/CSU for California. All of the AP courses are college board approved as well. To ensure full alignment to standards, CSIonline Academy curriculum providers identify student performance requirements, create assessments to accurately evaluate those requirements, and then design instructional practices that will meet those requirements. To learn more about accreditation, you may visit here.

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