High School Online Courses

CSIonline Academy has recently partnered with Sevenstar, a great Christian course provider. During the transition to new curriculum content, we have provided a list of high school courses for you to view. Please click on the links provided below each subject area to be directed to Sevenstar's website for short descriptions of each course OR click this link to be navigated to a PDF of their course descriptions

As a Christian Schools International Member School, you will receive discounted pricing by enrolling through CSIonline Academy.

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Our High School courses include: 

English / Language Arts

English IN (1 Credit)
English IIN (1 Credit)
English IIIN (1 Credit)
English IVN (1 Credit)



Consumer Math (1 Credit)
Algebra IN (1 Credit)
Algebra IIN (1 Credit)
GeometryN (1 Credit)
Pre CalculusN (1 Credit)



Earth & Space ScienceN (1 Credit)
Marine ScienceN (1 Credit)
BiologyN (1 Credit)
ChemistryN (1 Credit)
Honors ChemistryN (1 Credit)
PhysicsN (1 Credit)


Social Studies

World Cultures 6 (1 Credit)
World Geography (1 Credit)
World HistoryN (1 Credit)
Global StudiesN (1 Credit)
American HistoryN (1 Credit)
American GovernmentN (½ Credit)
EconomicsN (½ Credit)


Advanced Placement

AP English Lang & CompN (1 Credit)
AP English Lit and CompN (1 Credit)
AP CalculusN (1 Credit)
AP BiologyN (1 Credit)
AP US GovernmentN (½ Credit)
AP MacroeconomicsN (½ Credit)
AP MicroeconomicsN (½ Credit)
AP Art HistoryN (1 Credit)
AP World HistoryN (1 Credit)
AP Computer ScienceN (1 Credit)


Foreign Languages

Chinese IN (1 Credit)
Chinese IIN (1 Credit)
French IN (1 Credit)
French IIN (1 Credit)
French IIIN (1 Credit)
German IN (1 Credit)
German IIN (1 Credit)
German IIIN (1 Credit)
Latin IN (1 Credit)
Latin IIN (1 Credit)
Latin IIIN (1 Credit)
Spanish IN (1 Credit)
Spanish IIN (1 Credit)
Spanish IIIN (1 Credit)



ACT Preparation (½ Credit)
Digital Photography (½ Credit)
Game Design I (½ Credit)
Forensic Science I, II (½ Credit Ea.)
Health (½ Credit)
Mobile Application Programming with AppInventor (½ Credit) Coming 8/30/14
Music Appreciation (½ Credit)
Personal Fitness (PE) (½ Credit)
Psychology (½ Credit) Coming 7/21/14
SAT Preparation (½ Credit) Replacing with "Critical Thinking and Study Skills" on 7/21/14
Social Issues I, II (½ Credit Ea.)
Thinking & Learning Strategies (½ Cr.)


Credit Rescue (Summer Credit Recovery)

Algebra I (10 weeks)
Algebra II (10 weeks)
American Gov (10 weeks)
American history (10 weeks)
Biology (10 weeks)
Chemistry (10 weeks)
Economics (10 weeks)
English I (10 weeks)
English II (10 weeks)
English III (10 weeks)
English IV (10 weeks)
Geometry (10 weeks)
World History (10 weeks)



Apologetics I (½ Credit)
Apologetics II (½ Credit)
Apologetics (I and II) (1 Credit)
Basic Bible Doctrine I (½ Credit)
Basic Bible Doctrine II (½ Credit)
Basic Bible Doctrine (I and II) (1 Credit)
Have We Lost Our Minds?! (½ Credit)
Jesus: Prophet, Priest, King and Savior (1 Credit)
Lightbearers (1 Credit)
Life Shaping Decisions (½ Credit)
Understanding the Times I (½ Credit)
Understanding the Times II (½ Credit)
Understanding the Times (I and II) (1 Credit)



Level 1 - Beginner
Level 2 - Lower Intermediate
Level 3 - Upper Intermediate
Level 4 - Advanced
Level 5 - Expert


Dual Credit

Colorado Christian University (CO)
Davis College (NY)
God’s Bible School and College (OH)
Indiana Wesleyan University (IN)
Southern Wesleyan University (SC)
Taylor University (IN)

  1. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligible courses are annotated with the letter 'N'. The NCAA has approved many Sevenstar courses for use in establishing the initial-eligibility certification status of student-athletes. During the course of discussions and research a student-athlete may also need the Sevenstar Academy's NCAA School Code, which is 365242. Additional details can be found on the NCAA website.
  2. Many courses have gone through an additional approval process for the University of California (UC/CSU) schools. A full and current list of approved Sevenstar courses can be found by searching here using our UC/CSU system number, which is the same as our ATP/CEEB code: 365242. Additional details about the UC process can be found here. Principals in California no longer have the ability to approve other online courses—see this site for details. Transcripts must indicate it was an online course taken at Sevenstar Academy and the transcript has to have the exact name of the course (or approved abbreviation) which is listed on our approved list site. We intend to submit further coursework for approval so feel free to check the above sites. Many courses that have been approved for extra honors credit: a=5, b=4, c=3 and are so designated on the site.
  3. Questions about school, university, NCAA, UC requirements must be answered by representatives from those institutions. Students must check with the representative or the institution website before starting a Sevenstar course. If the student is at a school with a guidance counselor, that counselor should be consulted.

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